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Feb 19th, 2016 by lotterymafia at 9:25 am

Yesterday, James Plowright and I were joined by fellow Lottery Mafia writer Josh Cornelisson to discuss all the deals from Thursday's NBA trade deadline. We've got time stamps below, so feel free to jump around to any trade that interests you:

  • Lance Stephenson/Jeff Green -- Beginning of the pod
  • Markieff Morris to Washington -- 2:00
  • Randy Foye to OKC -- 19:00
  • Montijuanas to Detroit -- 28:00
  • Courtney Lee to Charlotte -- 38:00
  • Shelvin Mack to Utah/Kurt Heinrich to Atlanta -- 48:00

We discuss what each deal does, and means, for every team involved.

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Feb 10th, 2016 by lotterymafia at 11:13 pm


Feb 10th, 2016 by lotterymafia at 11:13 pm
Feb 10th, 2016 by lotterymafia at 11:13 pm

Last week, James, Gabriel, and I predicted the eastern conference lottery teams. This week, we are predicting the West, once again predicting their win total based on ESPN's NBA forecast. Based on their projected win total, the three of us decided whether that prediction was too high, low, or on point. We looked at eight teams that will or could find themselves in the lottery this season: the Timberwolves, Lakers, Nuggets, Kings, Trailblazers, Suns, Jazz, and Mavericks.

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With the NBA season edging closer, it felt time to decide which teams will end up in the lottery, and predict a few that could slip into the playoffs. James and I were joined by TLM writer Gabe Allen, who helped us predict how many wins nine potential lottery teams could end up with.

For the sake of knowing, we predicted the wins of Philadelphia, New York, Orlando, Brooklyn, Indiana, Charlotte, Detroit, Boston, and Milwaukee. Some of these teams are definite locks for the lottery, others, not so much. Looking over ESPN's summer forecast for projected wins, we discussed whether each team would finish over or under what ESPN predicted.

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Last podcast, we looked gave a positive and negative outlook for the Eastern Conference lottery teams. This week we are out west, giving good and bad outlooks on the lottery teams in the Western Conference. James and I switched it up, with myself giving the glass half full outlook, and James the glass half empty. 

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The outlook of any franchise is often depends on the perspective one takes. One person may view drafting a senior out of college as a smart pick for a team looking for an instant impact rookie, while someone else will view the pick as sacrificing long-term potential for short-term gain.

This week, James and took a positive and negative spin on the Eastern Conference lottery teams. We originally intended to do all 14 lottery teams, but found out quickly that would take too long (look for the West edition next week). James took the glass half full approach (trying to positively spin the 76ers was asking a lot) while I took the glass half empty approach. Whether we truly believed our own words or not, it was fun nonetheless to view the teams in one light or another.

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Sep 1st, 2015 by lotterymafia at 9:18 am

Markieff Morris was not happy when his brother Marcus was traded to Detroit earlier this summer. Now he's demanding a trade, saying he will never play for the Phoenix Suns again. The Suns say they aren't trading him, but just in case they are lying, James and I offered up for possible trade scenarios involving the unhappy Morris. Mild spoiler, but they involve the Pistons, Clippers, Lakers, and Wizards.

Before getting to the Morris trade talk, we elaborate as to why we think the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics could miss the playoffs, despite the general consensus that both teams will. We also slipped in some transfer deadline day talk for all you soccer nerds out there at the end, so stick around if you want to hear James gripe about Manchester United selling their stars (except for that fake out on the De Gea deal!) and listen as I accept the fact that Arsenal won't be signing anyone.

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Aug 30th, 2015 by lotterymafia at 10:33 am

The 2014 NBA Draft was widely regarded in the months leading up to it. Today, that standard largely still exists, but numerous injuries to lottery players (and a few picks that clearly weren't correct) had James and I re-considering how the draft would go, knowing what we know now. Would Joel Embiid still go No. 3, knowing that he would miss his first two seasons? Would Jordan Clarkson find himself in the lottery instead of the second round?

Hindsight doesn't change anything, but it can be a bit of fun. In this episode, we re-drafted picks 1-14. Don't worry, Wiggins was still our consensus No. 1, but a few high picks found themselves dropping down the board, or out of the lottery all together.

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