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The NBA season is roughly a week old, already the NBA's lottery teams have given us plenty to talk about. James and I had plenty to discuss, so check out the topics and time stamps below.

  • Tyrus Thomas wants to return to the NBA and discusses his "guard-like" skills - 5:00
  • The Sacramento Kings surprising start 14:30
  • The New York Knicks, and whether they are running the triangle or not - 24:30
  • Ricky Rubio's extension - 30:00
  • Derrick Favors is on FIRE - 38:30
  • Alec Burks' extension (worth it?) - 43:30
  • Detroit's poor start - 48:30
  • 76ers talk - 51:00
  • Los Angeles Lakers talk -  58:00
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Oct 20th, 2014 by lotterymafia at 9:05 am

Happy Monday everyone (said no one ever). Episode 44 of the TLM Podcast is here, though James and myself were convinced it was episode 45 while recording. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This week we had no guest, and no script -- the two of us talked about whatever came to mind, and my word did a lot of things come to mind. We talked about our favorite NBA podcasts, discussed how everyone is jumping on the Pelicans hype train, and James asked me to name what team some of the most obscure NBA players are playing for now (can you tell me who Jack Cooley plays for? Because I can).

We also discussed how much we like the Milwaukee Bucks, and spoke about a handful of NBA lottery related topics, the biggest being why on Earth Byron Mullens declined a player option with Philadelphia to go to China and now be on the verge of being cut. It was a fun episode, so let it take you wherever it goes!

No time stamps this week, but thanks again for listening. Follow us on Podbean and subscribe on iTunes.


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Oct 3rd, 2014 by lotterymafia at 9:04 am

Yesterday, James and I had the pleasure of talking about the Denver Nuggets upcoming season with Charlie Yao of Roundball Mining Company, ESPN's Truehoop affiliate for the Denver Nuggets. We covered plenty of topics surrounding the Nuggets, a team that just two seasons ago had won 57 games, but now faces questions regarding the health of key players and the direction of the franchise. Despite these concerns however, the three of us believe the Nuggets will be in the playoff hunt. Below are the list of topics covered. The first bit of the podcast covers more general discuss before weaving into our topics, but trust me, all of it is worth the listen.

We thank Charlie for joining us, and as always thank you for listening. Subscribe on iTunes, and follow us on Podbean.

Estimated Time Stamps:

  • General discussion of team/job performance of Tim Connelly - Start of podcast
  • Brian Shaw (how much pressure is he under?) - 9:30
  • Expectations for Gallinari and McGee coming off of majoring injuries - 23:00
  • Kenneth Faried's extension (how much is he worth?) - 31:00
  • Importance of Arron Afflalo this season - 42:30
  • Hypothetical, quickly thrown together trade scenarios involving Faried (this was fun) - 49:30
  • How much will the rookies play, and Erick Green's role this season - 53:15
  • Are the Nuggets a lottery or playoff team? - 1:02:00
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After a bit of an unexpected hiatus, the podcast is back. This week we were joined Zachary Bennett of, SB Nation's Timberwolves blog. Despite losing Love, Zachary gives good reasons as to why things may not be as bad this year as they look.

With the Timberwolves having one of the busiest offseasons of any team this summer, we had no shortage of topics. Zachary gave us his input on the Kevin Love trade and why it is potentially the best return for a super star player in recent years, along with what to expect now that Flip Saunders is both head coach and President of Basketball Ops (I of course called him the GM by mistake). Additionally, we talked about Thaddeus Young and whether he could opt to stay in Minnesota long-term, why Ricky Rubio is the future point guard of the franchise, and what we should expect from Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgei Dieng in their second seasons. 

As always, we thank you for listening. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and follow us on Podbean.

Estimated Time Stamps:

  • Flip Saunders as Coach and President of Basketball Ops - 5:00
  • Kevin Love trade - both 3:00 and 12:00
  • Thaddeus Young (the trade, and playing in Minnesota long-term) - 25:00
  • Ricky Rubio's extension and future with the team - 33:30
  • Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgei Dieng's second season expectations - 48:00
  • The rumored Eric Bledsoe trade (that doesn't hold a lot of weight) - 55:00
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Sep 4th, 2014 by lotterymafia at 1:07 pm

After the release of our Eastern Conference Lottery Predictions Podcast, episode 41, otherwise known as our Western Conference Lottery Predictions Podcast, comes highly anticipated (at least by James).

As with our Eastern Conference podcast, the teams we predict will land in the lottery will not be revealed, however, time stamps have been provided for discussion on each team. With that said, you may be very surprised as to who we have missing the playoffs in the West. In fact, neither of us could decide on the final spot, so tune in!

Estimated Time Stamps:

  • Team 1 - 4:00
  • Team 2 - 17:00
  • Team 3 - 31:00
  • Team 4 - 44:15
  • Team 5 - 55:30
  • Team 6 - 1:11:00
  • Team 7 - 1:20:00
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Aug 21st, 2014 by lotterymafia at 8:35 am

Making lottery predictions isn't easy. Last season, James and I correctly predicted four of the seven lottery teams from the Eastern Conference (Philadelphia, Orlando, Boston, and Milwaukee). Not to be discouraged, we are at it again. Episode 40 focuses solely on which teams we feel will end up in the lottery by season's end. While we ultimately agreed to this list, it wasn't without disagreements. To not spoil the "fun," I haven't included the names of the teams we selected, but you can find timestamps of when we reveal each team. I will say however that the final two teams may surprise you. If you have a sneaking suspicion your team might end up on our list, give it a listen.

The Western Conference predictions will be up later on, but until then, enjoy the two of us breaking the hearts of seven Eastern Conference teams (because obviously our predictions will be 100 percent accurate this year). As always, follow us on Podbean and subscribe on iTunes. Also, if you subscribe on iTunes, give us a rating! We love ratings, except for bad ratings. For those who are continuous listeners or are tuning in for the first time, we can't thank you enough.

Estimated Time Stamps:

  • Team 1 (as in, the team that will finish last in the standings) - 6:00
  • Team 2 - 14:00
  • Team 3 - 25:00
  • Team 4 - 37:30
  • Team 5 - 50:00
  • Team 6 - 58:00
  • Team 7 - 1:10:00
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Aug 14th, 2014 by lotterymafia at 8:46 am

Yesterday James and I had the pleasure of being joined by Joe Dexter of to discus well, the Detroit Pistons. With Detroit's offseason starting to wrap up, we discussed the moves Stan Van Gundy has made since taking over, including the free agent signings of Jodie Meeks, Caron Butler, and DJ Augustin. We discussed Greg Monroe's decision to accept the qualifying offer (making him an unrestricted free agent next year) and what it means for his future with Detroit.

In between, we talked about Spencer Dinwiddie, Peyton Siva's release (James is a big Peyton Siva fan), and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's awesome Summer League performance.

Finally, we pondered whether Detroit can make the playoffs or if they are looking at another season in the lottery, along with trying to make sense of the Piston's hiring Otis Smith to coach their D-League team, and finishing off discussing Andre Drummond's efficiency and potential.

We'd like to thank Joe for joining us, who I'm sure was happy to discuss Charlie Villanueva as a former Pistons player. We'd also like to thank you for listening, and if you like what you hear, find us on Podbean, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Estimated Time Stamps:

  • Greg Monroe - 4:00
  • Stan Van Gundy's offseason moves - 14:20
  • KCP's Summer League - 28:20
  • Spencer Dinwiddie - 34:30
  • Peyton Siva's release - 40:00
  • Otis Smith as a D-League coach - 46:00
  • Playoff potential - 52:00
  • Andre Drummond - 59:20
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Aug 3rd, 2014 by lotterymafia at 10:23 am

This past Thursday James Plowright and Nick Denning were joined by Kyle Neubeck of Liberty Ballers to discuss a number of topics related to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are in the midst of a long-term rebuilding project, with general manager Sam Hinkie banking on a several current and future first round lottery selections to build a foundation for the future. Hinkie's methods haven't come without criticism from many across the league, who view the team's rebuild as Exhibit A as to why the NBA should change its lottery process. Kyle, along with many Sixers fans, view the rebuild as a refreshing change from the patchwork process the team took to stay relevant but remaining short of contention.

Philadelphia's rebuilding project is just one of many topics talked about, with many surrounding the team's draft selections this past summer. There's also more discuss about Byron Mullens than anyone anticipated, but when three people get in a podcast together who have all seen Air Mullens brick a few too many 3-pointers, the topic was unavoidable.

Below are the list of topics with their estimated time stamps. We had a good time talking with Kyle, who knows his stuff and offers strong counter-points to all those hating on Hinkie. As always, subscribe on iTunes, follow us on Podbean, and thank you for listening.

Topics of Discussion:

  • 76ers Draft (First round selections) - 5:00
  • 76ers Draft (Second round selections) - 15:15
  • Jordan McCrae - 24:15
  • Casper Ware - 30:00
  • Henry Sims - 40:00
  • Nerlens Noel - 43:15
  • Michael Carter-Williams (his future w/ team, and potential) - 52:30
  • Sam Hinkie's Master Plan - 1:00:00
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Jul 25th, 2014 by lotterymafia at 8:15 am

Sacramento are the Kings of Summer. Lou Amundson visits delis. These are the hot takes from Vegas, and we have the exclusive coverage.

Vegas Summer League has come and gone, and our very own Aaron Fischman gave us his experience from it. As Aaron was covering the Kings, we discussed well, the Kings, detailing who played well, who didn't play so well, and why it's fun to poke fun at winning the Vegas Summer League, while also acknowledging it shouldn't be completely overlooked. 

We also talked about who else played well in Vegas (Hornets fans tune in, we discussed Hairston and Vonleh), before turning attention to Eric Bledsoe's contract situation and what to make of the Kevin Love trade talks (should Wiggins be traded, and what team offers the best potential package?).

We tried to keep things short, but went off on a few tangents surrounding the prospect of a midseason tournament and where Lou Amundson likes to go when he's in Vegas. As always, subscribe on iTunesfollow on Podbean, and most of all, thank you once again for tuning in. Episode 36 is nearing 2000 hits, which is just awesome.

And now, the topics of conversation with estimated time stamps:

  • Sacramento Kings Summer League - 7:00
  • Vegas SL in general - 20:00
  • Players who impressed in Vegas - 23:00
  • Eric Bledsoe contract situation - 31:00
  • Kevin Love trade talks - 37:30
Listen Now:

Our friend and fellow Bloguin writer Philip Rossman-Reich, who does great work over at Orlando Magic Daily and Crossover Chronicles, joined James and myself to talk about his experience at the Orlando Summer League, and what he thinks of the Magic's offseason moves.

*Note* We recorded before the Magic signed Luke Ridnour, so forgive us for not seeing the future.

We talk extensively about the Orlando Summer League, and Philip shared an unique perspective having been amongst the teams, players, scouts, and other writers. If you've ever wondered how things go on in the Summer League (specifically one that is closed to the public) this is the podcast for you.

It was great to have Philip back on, and for those who missed his first appearance on the podcast, here is a link (if you're a Magic fan, you'll want to check it out). And as always, the estimated time stamps are listed below, for you listening pleasure.

  • What we think of the Aaron Gordon selection - 5:00
  • Orlando Summer League - 11:00
  • Nerlens Noel's SL performance - 12:50
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's SL performance - 14:00
  • Marcus Smart's SL performance - 15:20
  • James Ennis' strong performances, and his chances of making a roster - 24:40
  • James does a little word association with Philip on different players - 26:00
  • Orlando's offseason moves - 46:30
  • Arron Afflalo trade - 47:20
  • Channing Frye's contract - 52:20
  • Ben Gordon's contract *shudders* - 57:00

And remember folks, if you like what you hear subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Podbean. Last week's episode had over 2,200 hits, shattering our previous record. Whether you are a first time listener or tune in every week, we sincerely thank you.

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