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TLM Podcast Ep. 59 - Re-drafting the 2014 NBA Draft
Aug 30th, 2015 by lotterymafia at 10:33 am

The 2014 NBA Draft was widely regarded in the months leading up to it. Today, that standard largely still exists, but numerous injuries to lottery players (and a few picks that clearly weren't correct) had James and I re-considering how the draft would go, knowing what we know now. Would Joel Embiid still go No. 3, knowing that he would miss his first two seasons? Would Jordan Clarkson find himself in the lottery instead of the second round?

Hindsight doesn't change anything, but it can be a bit of fun. In this episode, we re-drafted picks 1-14. Don't worry, Wiggins was still our consensus No. 1, but a few high picks found themselves dropping down the board, or out of the lottery all together.

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