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TLM Podcast Ep. 60 - Markieff Morris needs a new home
Sep 1st, 2015 by lotterymafia at 9:18 am

Markieff Morris was not happy when his brother Marcus was traded to Detroit earlier this summer. Now he's demanding a trade, saying he will never play for the Phoenix Suns again. The Suns say they aren't trading him, but just in case they are lying, James and I offered up for possible trade scenarios involving the unhappy Morris. Mild spoiler, but they involve the Pistons, Clippers, Lakers, and Wizards.

Before getting to the Morris trade talk, we elaborate as to why we think the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics could miss the playoffs, despite the general consensus that both teams will. We also slipped in some transfer deadline day talk for all you soccer nerds out there at the end, so stick around if you want to hear James gripe about Manchester United selling their stars (except for that fake out on the De Gea deal!) and listen as I accept the fact that Arsenal won't be signing anyone.

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