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TLM Podcast Ep. 61 - Glass half full, glass half empty, East edition
Sep 7th, 2015 by lotterymafia at 10:52 pm

The outlook of any franchise is often depends on the perspective one takes. One person may view drafting a senior out of college as a smart pick for a team looking for an instant impact rookie, while someone else will view the pick as sacrificing long-term potential for short-term gain.

This week, James and took a positive and negative spin on the Eastern Conference lottery teams. We originally intended to do all 14 lottery teams, but found out quickly that would take too long (look for the West edition next week). James took the glass half full approach (trying to positively spin the 76ers was asking a lot) while I took the glass half empty approach. Whether we truly believed our own words or not, it was fun nonetheless to view the teams in one light or another.

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