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TLM Podcast - Post Trade Deadline Special
Feb 19th, 2016 by lotterymafia at 9:25 am

Yesterday, James Plowright and I were joined by fellow Lottery Mafia writer Josh Cornelisson to discuss all the deals from Thursday's NBA trade deadline. We've got time stamps below, so feel free to jump around to any trade that interests you:

  • Lance Stephenson/Jeff Green -- Beginning of the pod
  • Markieff Morris to Washington -- 2:00
  • Randy Foye to OKC -- 19:00
  • Montijuanas to Detroit -- 28:00
  • Courtney Lee to Charlotte -- 38:00
  • Shelvin Mack to Utah/Kurt Heinrich to Atlanta -- 48:00

We discuss what each deal does, and means, for every team involved.

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